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Since 1982, Options Magazine has provided news, resources, and events for the Rhode Island area's LGBTQ+ community. A 501(c)4 nonprofit organization, Options relies on donations and advertising revenue to fund this volunteer-driven organization.  

Board of Directors
Mike Marrapodi (Chair), Daniel Byrnes, Dennis Dolgopolov,

Bradford Greer, Patty Hayes, Deidre Rowles


Alex Morash


Resources Editor
Myra Shays



Calendar Editor
Kassie Hawkins



Editorial Advisory Committee
Brad Greer, Sofie Rudin, Kim Stowell, Page Wooller


Copy Editors

Rex LeBeau, Victoria McGurn, Joseph Morra, Carson Pavao, Myra Shays

Graphic & Brand Design

Koki Mendis

Web Developer

Michael Collins

Advertising Manager
Now hiring. Email info@optionsri.org.

Social Media Manager
Derek Sherlock

Recent Contributors

Felicia Nimue Ackerman, Kwana Adams, Steve Ahlquist,

Mina Asayesh-Brown, Guillaume Bagal, Dontai Carmon, Matt Collins,

Eve Condon, Melissa DaSilva, Cathy Gorman, Bradford Greer,

Kassie Hawkins, Patty Hayes, Gwen Howard, Ethan Huckel, Rex LeBeau, Mike Marrapodi, Victoria McGurn, Jonathan Lucero McKinney,

Anthony Santurri, Myra Shays, Derek Sherlock, Jen Stevens, Kim Stowell, Bradley Vanderstad, Mikel Wadewitz, Kate Wells, Page Wooller



Jen Bonin, Gabriel Alvarez, Amanda Dalton, Chris Diani, Paul Martin, Grayson Rose, Andrew Sharp

Contact Us
PO Box 6406
Providence, RI 02940
(401) 217-3939



Articles and press releases: editor@optionsri.org

Calendar events: calendar@optionsri.org

Resource listings: resources@optionsri.org

Volunteer: info@optionsri.org

Advertisements: advertising@optionsri.org (Rates and specs)


Options is published online with occasional print editions. The opinions expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the volunteers or staff. With the exception of the managing editor, advertising manager, social media manager, and brand designer (who are contractors), all contributors and team members are volunteers. Listings are provided as a resource and do not imply endorsement. Submissions to Options must include a phone number or email address. Names may be withheld on request.

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