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Options Editorial meeting with volunteers around a table discussing upcoming stories.

Have skills or interests that can help tell Rhode Island’s LGBTQ+ stories? Then come and volunteer with Options.

Fill Out Our Volunteer Form to get started, or explore various positions in the menu provided. 

Options relies on our community to succeed. No matter your color of the rainbow, gender identity, sexuality, age, or economic background, bring the colors of your flag, your skills, your personality, and your drive to the Options team, and volunteer to help tell our community’s story.

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We especially need writers, editors, photographers, and directors for our board. To join the team or find more info, fill out this Volunteer Form today!

  • Calendar Editor
    Research local LGBTQ events and type all information into Options’ public Google Calendar.
  • Copy Editor
    Proof content with other volunteer editors. Discuss content, edits, terminology, and other concerns as needed. This is now mostly done online through Google Docs, though print editions may require marking-up proofs in red pen.
  • Editorial Advisory Committee
    Work with the Editor-in-Chief and other members to plan for future stories and guide Options’ editorial direction.
  • Grant Writer
    Research and collaborate with the Options team to prepare and submit grant proposals to fund Options.
  • Photo Editor
    Screen and enhance photos to ensure suitability for the web, or print worthy, as needed. Curate photos for "Out on the Town" photo spreads.
  • Photographer
    Shoot and submit high resolution photos independently or as assigned. (300 dpi or greater preferred. Shots must be horizontal for print cover eligibility.)
  • Webmaster
    Respond to prompts to ensure Options' web presence is up-to-date, accurate, visually appealing, and appropriately linked.
  • Writer
    Research and report on events and people relevant to the local community. Submit a draft by a deadline. Work with editor-in-chief (mostly on email) on follow-up and fact checking. Obtain or take photos to accompany the story. Want to pitch a single story? Options does consider outlines for potential stories that are either about Rhode Island’s LGBTQ community or pieces written by Rhode Island writers. Options do not usually consider pieces that are from writers outside of the New England area who are writing on broad issues without a focus on Rhode Island’s LGBTQ community. One does not need to be an experienced journalist to send Options a pitch. First-time pitchers are welcome. For those, pitches should include a basic summary (200 - 300 words) of your topic and a little about yourself. If you have a reporting background, it is advised to also include the hook in your pitch and what contacts you would get on the record. To learn more about writing a good pitch it is suggested to read Kelly Eden’s piece on Medium. Pitches or just tips for a potential story should be emailed to
  • Advertising Manager
    A vital staff position securing advertisers and managing their accounts, with commission-based pay.
  • Brand Designer
    A creative role guiding Options’ brand to excel in digital channels. For print issues, knowledge of Adobe InDesign software is needed to design and prepare the final copy of the magazine.
  • Distribution Coordinator
    Ensure hard copies of Options Magazine are distributed throughout Rhode Island, with support from other volunteers. While Options is not regularly printing issues at this time, we plan to periodically have special print issues.
  • Event Coordinator
    Organize logistics for panel discussions, community tabling events, and think creatively about how Options can make connections across communities.
  • Social Media Coordinator
    Publish Options articles and share announcements from Options and other relevant LGBTQ+ organizations and events on social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
  • Subscriptions Manager
    Update a spreadsheet of subscriber data by a deadline. Thank new donors and subscribers via email.
  • Volunteer Coordinator
    Seek out and get to know LGBTQ+ community members and help them find their place in the Options team.
  • Board of Directors
    This team steers the organization in the months and years ahead, assuring it’s nonprofit status, fiscal solvency, and responsibility to our local LGBTQ+ community. We are particularly in need of individuals with expertise in nonprofit management, marketing, and fundraising. Meetings are typically once per month, and participation in one or more committees is encouraged. There is no financial obligation to serve on Options’ board of directors.
  • Communications
    The Communications Committee maintains the database of Options’ contacts (readers, advertisers, donors, etc.), and prepares and sends relevant communications, including emails/letters of thanks to donors.
  • Finance Committee
    The Finance Committee oversees the financial operations of Options, including budgeting and pricing, and prepares reports on a monthly, quarterly, and/or annual basis as needed. It works closely with the Treasurer and other stakeholders to prepare an annual budget.
  • Governance/Personnel
    The Governance/Personnel Committee oversees: our organizational structure; compliance with all federal, state, and local laws and compliance issues; hiring and supervision of all paid staff; and supervision of volunteers.
  • Innovation/Community Involvement
    The Innovation/Community Involvement Committee explores opportunities for Options to be strategically involved in the larger community.
  • Marketing Committee
    The Marketing Committee oversees and prepares marketing policies and procedures of the organization, and works closely with the Advertising Manager.
  • Social Media/Web Committee
    The Social Media/Web Committee oversees the social media functions of Options by actively participating in social media outreach and website development, while working closely with the Social Media Coordinator.
  • Strategic Planning Committee
    The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for creating and implementing a strategic plan for Options, a nonprofit organization. It monitors action plans on a monthly, quarterly, and/or annual basis as needed.
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