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Working OUT in 2020

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Options received news from two local gyms, where environments specifically welcoming to the LGBTQ community are being fostered. Will your 2020 resolution get you through their doors?

On the Ropes Boxing & Fitness Welcomes LGBTQ Youth

On the Ropes Boxing & Fitness (OTR) is a new state-of-the-art training facility in Pontiac Mills in Warwick that aims to provide LGBTQ youth with a welcoming, non-judgmental atmosphere so they can work out and live their best lives while focusing on physical health.

OTR is owned by four women (Jamie, Tracy, Kathy, and Amy) who offer their experiences as registered USA boxing coaches, certified personal trainers, and nutritional coaches, one of whom is a four-time world champion boxer. Melissa DeLuca, also the Director of Youth Services at Youth Pride, Inc., is a certified personal trainer at OTR who is eager to help LGBTQ youth meet their health goals. She also understands the unique physical needs of trans athletes. OTR staff value inclusivity and are excited to establish their space as a safe, non-judgmental zone. For more information, email Melissa at, or visit

Industrial Revolution CrossFit Thriving in Pawtucket

Industrial Revolution CrossFit (IRCF) is a dynamic gym located at 154 Smithfield Avenue in Pawtucket, owned and operated by State Senator Donna Nesselbush and wife Kelly Carse. In 2016, they set out to create a community where all fitness levels, body types, and diverse backgrounds were welcome. “We wanted to open a different kind of gym, a safe space where people of all body types, gender identities, and fitness levels are embraced – where people, families, and community come first," said Nesselbush. IRCF offers CrossFit programming (including Olympic lifting), High-Intensity Internal Training/Boot Camp classes, and nutritional program

IRCF Coach Corinne Hill says, “Kelly had coaches train in gender diversity with a focus on non-binary and transgender people. We have gender-neutral bathrooms downstairs, and can adjust shower accommodations.” Hill also noted a sensitivity to gender pronouns.

For more information, or to purchase holiday gift cards, call 724-4500, visit, or go by for a tour or free introductory class.




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