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The Year of Covid Photo Project: Sprung Spring, Somber Summer, Autumn Spike, and Winter Peak

Sprung Spring

Somber Summer

Autumn Spike

Winter Peak

Project details: Inspired by Wendy Red Star’s photos of the four seasons, I wished to portray the stages of the last year: the four seasons of Covid.

The face mask has become an integral part of our lives, and interactions have been muted by the limitations of only seeing the eyes. This forced sense of reality has led me to question what is real, and what is not. The mask has become both a disguise and security behind which anything is possible.

Makeup is a form of expression, which for me has only now come to fruition due to the mask. Makeup is now a part of my reality – something I enjoy and have fun with. My face without makeup is more like the mask behind which creative notions stir.

Masks are not the most comfortable thing to wear in hot weather, in wet weather, or really for any great length of time. We have all felt this relief to lift the mask, but what will you show to the world once the mask is gone? Be the best you can be with pride and love.

Artist Page Wooller is a performer, biologist, and published author of the nonbinary-themed graphic novel Emily Corn Discovering Darkness. They hold an undergraduate degree in sports and exercise science physiology, a post-graduate diploma in contemporary dance, and a master’s degree in biology (genetics). When not being creative, they spend time working on their farm, orchard, and forest land in Rhode Island. They also volunteer with Pride Foundation of Washington State, helping to distribute awards to LGBTQ+ students who require assistance.

Photographer SoYoung Lee is an international artist born in Seoul, South Korea, practicing multimedia artistry, photography, and cinematography. Her most recent photographic exhibition at Montgomery’s Inn museum in Toronto is Inclusion, a theme on the women’s march held in New York City in 2019, demanding equality for women, immigrants rights, LGBTQ+ equality, and social justice. She lives in New York City practicing filmmaking at NewYork Film Academy.


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