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Surviving A Pandemic: How Providence Is Getting Its Queer Back

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

Photo by Michael Denning via Unsplash, edited by Options Magazine

Options Magazine is launching a profile and events series over 2022, Surviving A Pandemic: How Providence Is Getting Its Queer Back showcasing the reemergence of Providence and the Rhode Island area’s LGBTQ community after years of a devasting pandemic. Look for articles with titles that start with “Getting Our Queer Back” or see the tag “Surviving A Pandemic” to see all the latest pieces from the series.

The last two years have wreaked havoc on our communities. Events have been delayed or canceled. Organizations have gone dark. Loved ones have had to say goodbye over FaceTime. Our medical system lurches toward collapse. Many are at the point of despair that they feel we will never get back to normal. Social isolation during this time is real.

In some ways, perhaps no community is hit harder than the LGBTQ community. Queer and Trans people are social people, we make our own families and build our own communities. This can make lockdowns and the shuttering of bars, community centers, and society at large even more painful since we might not have the same close blood family connections as others.

Yet, we are survivors. From the return of RI Pride to the birth of new spaces such as Red Ink, Providence’s LGBTQ community is still here and coming back louder and queerer than ever! After experiencing some of the bleakest times, many groups are starting to get back into the swing of things, while other groups never stopped going strong, and new groups are popping up to fill the gaps. In 2022, Options Magazine is doing a year-long look at highlighting events and organizations in Providence, Rhode Island, and the surrounding area that are coming back and showing us that we don’t have to be alone, we have Options and we have Providence’s LGBTQ community.

Two groups that have been going strong all through 2021 are the long-established PFLAG Greater Providence Chapter and a group started in 2021, the Haus of Codec. In our first look at Providence getting its Queer back, we showcase the upcoming events of these two wonderful LGBTQ organizations.

Haus of Codec Announces 2022 Marketplace Schedule And Continues To Help Queer And Trans Youth Seeking Emergency Shelter

Haus of Codec hosted monthly marketplaces for much of 2021, and the Haus is gearing up for seven more in 2022. Options reporter, Kwana Adams visited the Haus of Codec marketplace last year and wrote about how fun the events are and the many organizations that attend.

Haus of Codec’s mission centers around Queer homeless youths and young adults 18 - 24. The Haus encourages any youth ages 18 - 24 seeking shelter to reach out to their shelter via their intake line 401 484 7465. The phone number is a Google Voice Number, and they suggest if a call is not answered to send them a text.

Dates of marketplaces and sign up links for vendors:

PFLAG’s Monthly Zoom Support Meeting Is 7pm, Feb. 2

PFLAG’s February 2 meeting is a general support session. PFLAG notes that all are welcome to attend. They welcome parents seeking support, and they welcome members of the LGBTQ community who are seeking support and questioning how to come out to family. They also encourage members of the medical community, social workers, therapists, educators, and those who want to be allies of LGBTQ people to attend. PLFAG does need attendees to register for each meeting.

PLFAG also welcomes suggestions for future speakers. People can email suggestions to For urgent support, visit for an up-to-date list of emergency hotline numbers, available nationwide. You can also call the PFLAG Greater Providence Help Line: 401-307-1802 or email PFLAG at


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