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RI Pride Hosts Halloween Street Jubilee 10/30

From RI Pride website:

Bring your family young and old, your friends LGBTQIA+ and straight, to join in a fun, fabulous, street celebration!

Traditionally, this weekend is often referred to as a high holiday in the LGBTQIA+ community. We thought – what a perfect time to do something new and unique! We will end the day with a special Pride Halloween Street Jubilee to celebrate, march, dance and commemorate the many accomplishments we have made as a community and to be recommitted to continue this work. Marching groups will gather at 5:00 PM and the procession will start at 6:30 pm.

Following the procession we will host the closing ceremonies with entertainment, speakers and performances at the BankNewport City Center located at 2 Kennedy Plaza, Providence, RI (7:30pm).

This is different from our traditional parade, we are calling all street performers, bands, dance groups and all of you to join in the celebration in the streets. Halloween costumes are highly encouraged! This event has no charge for participation.

Costumes HIGHLY encouraged! Masks (both the fun and the health conscious kind) encouraged!

Register here:


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