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Providence Vibes: Queer The Vote, And The Options Awards

Providence Vibes, an Options podcast is out with its second episode and its much more coherent than before.

In the second episode of Providence Vibes: Queering The Vote, The Options Awards, And The Rents Too High, our hosts Ephraim Melmer and Alex Morash discuss how RI Queer PAC is Queering the vote, the elections, nominations for the Options Awards closes on September 2, and high rents.

In this episode, Morash discusses the diverse collection of candidates running for office in the September 13 primaries and analyzes a few of the races. He even accuses one candidate, David Salvatore, of not running to win but just "trolling" the voters of the Senate 5th District after he received the support of the anti-choice group RI Right to Life Committee. While Melmer discusses how the Options Awards are a wonderful way to highlight the LGBTQ people of Rhode Island and learn about all the fun spots to go to. The episode ends with an ever-so-unimportant discussion about the latest controversy on TikTok.

You can listen to Providence Vibes episodes on Spreaker, iHeartRadio, and Spotify.


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