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Options Launches Its First Podcast Series: Providence Vibes

Options Magazine has launched its first podcast series, Providence Vibes, with co-hosts Ephraim Melmer and Alex Morash. The series is a light-hearted podcast that looks at what is Queer, fun, and thought-provoking that happening in Providence and Rhode Island.

In the first episode of Providence Vibes, our hosts poke fun at this being their first episode titling it Do These Hosts Even Know What They Are Doing? The episode discusses Morash’s experience getting a Monkey Pox vaccine, what will happen to Providence’s Queer and Trans community with the city having the 5th highest rent spike in the nation, and all the fun of the last RI Pride. The hosts also find time to slam those that can't stand twerking Rhode Island Senator Tiara Mack, and how Melmer discloses a secret he has about Netflix's new show staring Neil Patrick Harris Uncoupled and show co-star Emerson Brooks.

Providence Vibes is a fun beginning to Options delving into the world of podcasts. You can listen to episodes on Spreaker, iHeartRadio, and Spotify.


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