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Options Donor Hall of Fame

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

from the Board of Directors

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Options' love-inspired February/March issue!

Love is presented in many ways within our vibrant and resilient community. The goal of this issue is to thoughtfully continue sharing various forms of love, presented throughout these pages and delivered warmly to your hearts. Love is our ongoing efforts for inclusion, and recognizing that there is always more to learn. It is our strength to keep fighting, advocating, and protesting, and our bravery to continue loving in the way that feels best and right for us. Our community is founded on the principles of love for self and others, and we will continue to share this love fiercely.

Options is grateful for your response to our calls for help. Thank you to our dedicated team, our loyal readers, advertisers, and donors who keep the presses printing. The Options team is considering alternative possibilities for publication, and is working toward better access to our online content. We are still in need of your support, and are recruiting board members and volunteers. Our ideal board would reflect our diverse community, and would include individuals who are committed to the empowerment of LGBTQIA2S+ people and have a passion for positive social change.

February is Black History Month! Let’s express gratitude for heroes such as James Baldwin, Stormé DeLarverie, Marsha P. Johnson, Bayard Rustin, Audre Lorde, and Moms Mabley for the ways they used their strengths, and created movements that positively affect us today. We value these individuals for their truth and passion and we appreciate their contributions to each community they championed. Let’s actively show love within our community by respecting and embracing people's experiences and intersections.

It's important to have Options! We hope to continue to provide this resource for our community, as it tends to end up in the hands of those who need it. Please email me ( if you are interested in learning how you can help. We have needs in all areas, from small to more substantial time commitments.

Wishing you a lovely February and March,

Ashley Delgado, Options Board Member


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