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On Giving Tuesday Options Launches Its Own Patreon Page

Options Magazine has launched a Patreon page to help fund the news outlet’s work reporting on Rhode Island’s LGBTQ community. The funds will go toward maintaining Options and the creation of Options’ first podcast.

For Giving Tuesday, Options is giving our supporters new forms of content, new ways to engage with us, and more ways to help fund our work. Options Patreon went live on November 30. Patreon is a monthly contributions system for people who want to provide monthly financial support to journalists, podcasters, Youtubers, and other creatives. Creators make their own tier systems with various benefits.

Options Patreon is four tiers: Advocates, Pride Defenders, Divas, And Sheroes. The tier titles are designed to be playful and apply to anyone regardless of gender identity. Options Patreon tier prices are designed to be affordable, starting at $10 a month for Advocates, $15 for Pride Defenders, and $30 for Divas. The stand-out is the highest tier, Shero, being $100 a month. This tier gets the added benefit of a shout-out on monthly live stream Q&As, but this tier is designed to be a way to provide support for Options more so than being a tier that gets special benefits. Options is committed to being accessible to all, and Patreon support helps us in that effort.

One benefit all Patreon supporters will receive is getting to take part in exclusive Options Podcast polls. Higher-level tiers will get early access to podcasts and the top two tiers will get to take part in monthly live stream chats with Options volunteers and staff, including the editor-in-chief.

Over the last two months, Options has been ramping up. The magazine has brought on a new editor-in-chief, its first-ever advertising and development manager, greenlit a 40th-anniversary print edition for next spring, launched a podcast, and opened a Patreon.

Options is ready to tell our community’s story, but we need help from our readers and supporter to do that. By supporting Options on Patreon, you help us have the resources to continue our work. So this Giving Tuesday, we are asking if you would become an Options patron.

Options supporters can still make one-time or recurring donations on Paypal.

Options podcast will be focused on reporting the news of the week along with interviews with guests of local LGBTQ interest. The first podcast episode is scheduled to air in mid-December. Sign up for Options’ newsletter to be updated on the first episode’s launch and additional details.


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