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Photo via Unsplash and edited by Options Magazine


I’m in that evolving artist mode
That touch and go
That ebbs and flows
From within my hold

That grasp that knows
Where to show
My truest intentions

Not to mention,
I left a 9 to 5
To finally feel alive
And live for no man but myself

No shame in occupational differences
Just tryin to separate my art from the instances
When another energy dulled my vibe

My goal is to be known while I am alive
Have my magic bless homes worldwide
Enlighten creative souls that used to hide

From a dream they had
One they were taught to believe that
They were not good enough to make true

My angels be like

“Boy, look at you!”
Following nobody else’s rules.
Walking a line that you drew.
All askew and curly cue”

“…Everything is lining up
Just like those one-liners you do
You know, the faces
The silhouette that chases
Success through emotion
And fitting in to your own defined spaces.”

My mode is a mindset
Maybe you aren’t ready yet
To ascend into the consciousness
That as a creator, comfort is quick sand

And abundance is only ruled by your hands.

So if it isn’t there, then make it
If you don’t hear it, then say it
If you wanna wear it, then slay it

A day without creating is a day missed.

Mindset is a poem by A.J. Delsignor. A.J has been creating art, writing poetry, and speaking with spirit since his youth. Traveling between the Greater Providence community and New Bedford, MA, he finds the opportunity to create, exhibit, and emote art on a prismatic and mystical level.

Currently, you can find him at Haus of Codec LGBTQIA+ Marketplaces and vending fairs throughout the South Coast. Beyond creating art, writing a poetry collection, and providing psychic messages for those inquiring, A.J enjoys singing to his infant daughter, Oasis Indigo, and creating a magical life with his beloved partner, Jayden, and their pets.

To inquire about Art, Psychic Readings, or his calendar of events, contact A.J at You can also find A.J. on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


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