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Match 2.0

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

We Can Do It Again!

In December, we challenged you to help us match a $5000 anonymous donation. We're thrilled to report that your generosity helped us surpass our goal, secure the matching gift, and truly gives Options Magazine a future when we weren't sure that there would be one.

Now, this same anonymous donor is so heartened by your response that they have offered yet another match of $2750! If you hesitated to donate at the end of 2020, you still have until February 28 to double your impact.

So would you consider donating part (or all!) of your stimulus check to boost your community by donating to Options today? You'll never find hate speech or fake news within our pages. Ensure Options remains a cornerstone of Rhode Island and Southern New England's LGBTQ community for the next generation of readers.

Thanks to your end-of-year support, this past week Options was able to hire a web developer. And upon distributing our February/March issue, we will begin the much-anticipated process of revamping our website to better meet your needs. This additional matching gift, if met, will open many doors for what is possible for Options, and will keep us from continually struggling to pay the bills.

These additional funds will go toward:

  • Revising Options' Resources section to include LGBTQ-friendly medical providers and other health-related resources;

  • Hiring reporters to dig deeper into issues that affect our community; and

  • Printing an annual edition of Options that is widely distributed and remains on shelves so that Questioning people and those new to our community can find information without fear of judgment.

We know these are trying times for many, so if you have the ability to give at this time, please donate today and set Options on the most solid footing we have found in years. Be a part of our transformation. Become an Options donor today!

Remember! Donors able to give $100 or more are inducted into the Options Donor Hall of Fame, featured in print and at




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