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When Oasis was born she found light
Beauty in the most inconspicuous materials
String lights, television, mirror reflections
So I found and brought that life to her.

When we moved in with Mama
I wanted to encapsulate light for us all
So that we may wake to rainbows
So I place prisms on our windows.

And these prisms reflect each light
In beams of technicolor.

If we didn’t name her after paradise
Maybe we would have named baby O after the Sun
Our existence revolves around her.

She met the light with her eyes
As if she was seeing an old friend
Her energy dances in reflections

I often think, maybe to the lives she had before
Or to the angels that led her to our heart’s door
Or the journey it took to travel to her daddies.

Her first home being in the womb of Jayden.
She dances now as much as she did back then.

Inside of him, she kicked as I screamed
Into his belly button.

A portal into the lights that await her.
A song to be her beacon.
A voice to be her hope.
A body to help her grow.

And many arms to embrace her
So that she may know.

She is our light.

Lights is a poem by A.J. Delsignor. A.J has been creating art, writing poetry, and speaking with spirit since his youth. Traveling between the Greater Providence community and New Bedford, MA, he finds the opportunity to create, exhibit, and emote art on a prismatic and mystical level.

Currently, you can find him at Haus of Codec LGBTQIA+ Marketplaces and vending fairs throughout the South Coast. Beyond creating art, writing a poetry collection, and providing psychic messages for those inquiring, A.J enjoys singing to his infant daughter, Oasis Indigo, and creating a magical life with his beloved partner, Jayden, and their pets.

To inquire about Art, Psychic Readings, or his calendar of events, contact A.J at You can also find A.J. on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.


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