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Imagining Life After COVID

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

There is general optimism about 2021, and the future seems bright. More diverse people have stepped into powerful government positions, to hopefully help heal and establish a more compassionate administration, guiding us through societal challenges. Vaccines are beginning to be distributed and there is hope again – hope! So, I posed one question to LGBTQ+ people:

"What is the first thing you look forward to doing when COVID-19 restrictions are lifted?"

I'm going to go out and visit my friends and give them a great big hug! I miss being able to express my affection to my friends. – Bradford Greer (he/him)

Eating out, traveling, hugging my 89-year-old grandmother. I hope I don’t lose the simple, slow pace, creative connecting, and quietness this year has provided. I look forward to creating a better balance … full of family, friends, big hugs, connectedness and even quiet stillness. – Vanessa Hunter (she/her)

The thing I cannot wait to start doing again is hugging. I thrive on the energy exchange created while physically connecting with other humans in an embrace, whether it's a happy hello, or consoling someone when they are down. Nothing beats the loving give and take of a heartfelt snuggle. It has been hard over the past year, especially with close family members and friends, to say our hellos and goodbyes from a distance and virtually. So, hopefully towards the end of 2021 we can bring on the hugs! – Eric Auger (he/ him)

Hug my friends that I have not seen. Then book a table of 25 for my friends for the first available “Pink Eggs and Glam Drag Brunch” in New London, CT. – Joe Reddish (he/him)

The first thing I’m going to do once COVID restrictions have been removed is to go and hug my mum, dad, and brother, as I have really missed that. On the way home, I am going to bounce and sit on sofas. Since moving, I need new ones, but don’t want to order online as they may be uncomfortable! – Daren Owen (he/him)

I am going to take a trip to Europe. – Dreya Catozzi (she/her)

For me, the aim post-lockdown is to be protective of my time [and] to nurture this new unearthed slower pace. We have created a global culture of being connected 24 hours a day, and we are being bombarded with information to the point of being overloaded. This results in us being tired, highly strung, nervous; and all this is exacerbated by FOMO. If you asked me for advice, I would suggest: slow down, take a deep breath, and be protective of your time. – Riaan Stiglingh (he/him)

I will start dating again, like, truly dating. Being polyamorous, it's hard to meet and get to know people while keeping your circle small and safe, let alone experience normal things with people, like eating out or going to a museum. I miss connecting with people somewhere other than a bed! – Holly Briggs (she/her)

Having a celebration in Newport! We are so ready to kick the fun back up here, get our beloved Trailer Park Girls drag performers down from Providence, and other musicians and artists, and have a queer ol’ time on the water, just as soon as it’s safe to do so. – Sean and Daniel, Newport Out (he/him & he/him)

I look forward to getting together with my fellow LGBTQ friends and associates. We plan on doing more activities for our work community that will encourage others to have the courage to be their authentic selves and to shine! We cannot wait to have fun in 2021! – April Wilson (she/ her)

I want to hug my friends – actually anyone! Almost anyone! – Jodi Glass (she/her)

I would like to take my husband dancing in a crowded club. It is so nice to hear the boom-boom-boom of the music, and to just let ourselves go on the dance floor. – Anonymous 41-year-old gay male Rhode Islander

As for me, the first thing I plan to do after restrictions are lifted is to finally go and meet new LGBTQ people in Rhode Island, face-to-face – yay! Since moving here just before the lockdown, my life has been in isolation, except for a handful of people. Even though it has taught me to respect the time I have, it has also highlighted a need for social interactions in my life. I’m gonna put on some beautiful rags, highlight my best features, and be a part of the new healing 2021 adventure. Hooray for 2021! - Page Wooller (they/them)


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