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From the Editor-in-Chief

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Dear Reader,

Rhode Islanders are immensely fortunate to have an extraordinarily

vibrant LGBTQ community, and within it many subcommunities strengthened

by dedicated groups and nonprofits. In solidarity with their missions, Options

Magazine prides itself on gathering and sharing their stories in each issue, so

readers can learn of their offerings and needs, progress and setbacks, and find

how to engage them. While Options is the only place so many local LGBTQ

groups come together in print (e.g. Youth Pride Inc., p. 28; SAGE/RI, p. 26; TGI

Network, p. 22), Rhode Island Pride brings these subcommunities together in the

flesh at the community’s pinnacle celebration on June 15: RI PrideFest (p. 12).

Each year, RI PrideFest grows in attendance as LGBTQ people, and those who

love and increasingly accept them, gather in downtown Providence to celebrate

their pride in queer culture and identity. You’ll find that the events leading up to

Pride are especially impressive this year (p. 8). In addition to the traditional flag

raising, variety show, bingo, volunteer orientations, concert, and Parade, the Pride

committee has held trans and POC-specific listening sessions, yoga classes, and

workshops on being out at work and decorating your parade contingent. There

are even four month-long art exhibits. Congratulations to the Pride committee

on what is shaping up to be a particularly fantastic Pride season.

The theme of the 44th annual RI Pride celebration – “Live Your Truth” – not

only encourages us to be authentic, but comes at a time when the value of truth

is daily undermined by a president who, according to The Washington Post Fact

Checker, has made well over 10,000 false or misleading claims while in office.

When we share the truth of who we are, we’re saying that it’s ok that we’re

different, it’s ok to admit flaws, and, in fact, it’s imperative.

TC Rogers, Options RCSL Team Members, and Jen Stevens at Options' annual meeting.
TC Rogers, Options RCSL Team Members, and Jen Stevens at Options' annual meeting.

2019 marks the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall

riots in New York City, and I’m thrilled to welcome back

writer Bradford Greer to reminisce about the events

that sparked the modern gay rights movement (p. 14).

RI PrideFest will honor this historic civil rights moment

at its Pride Rally on the main stage of PrideFest at 3pm.

And finally, we’d like to thank Options Intern Charlotte

Abotsi, who last semester wrote, edited, researched, and

explored online possibilities for our magazine. Charlotte

graduated from Rhode Island College in May. That’s

certainly something to be proud of!

In solidarity,

Intern Charlotte Abotsi
Intern Charlotte Abotsi

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