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From the Editor, Aug. 2021

Dear Reader,

Options has undergone many changes since I wrote to you in our last regular print edition this past February. We've brought on several new board members and volunteers, formed an editorial committee, revised our advertising structure, revamped the Calendar and Resources sections, surveyed readers, and engaged in partnerships and development in ways we seldom do. We hustled throughout June (helping to organize several elements of the PVD United festival), and recuperated and reevaluated this summer, as we tend to do. Transforming a 39-year-old print magazine into an online publication, especially during a pandemic, has its challenges. There has been a lot of trial and error, and we have a long way to go, but generally we seem to be moving in the right direction.

As we leave August behind, we have a couple great new stories by writers who are as wonderful to work with as they are to read. Page Wooller suspected there were others out there feeling as thrown off by post-vaccination interactions as they did, and thought a Q&A with a mental health professional might help them and others better face their anxieties with some new tactics to try. Luckily, former Options board member and licensed social worker Melissa DaSilva had a big ol’ bag of tricks to share with Page. We hope this story musters your courage to safely get out there and socialize.

Writer Kwana Adams journeyed over to Open Door Health in Providence to get a good look at the new mural all the queers are talking about. “Love is a Many Gendered Thing” by artist Brian Kenny honors our local community, with particular homage paid to the trans community. Have a read and take a look. You just may spot someone you know.

Now, I must share with you that after seven privileged years with Options, I’ve reluctantly decided to leave my post as editor at the end of September. Many life changes have left me without enough hours in the day to do this job well, and I believe new energy and vision in this position is precisely the thing Options needs at this stage. I hope you’ll agree. An heir apparent hasn’t emerged, so we’ll need your help in finding the person who gets to lead this amazing editorial team. Read about the job responsibilities here, and please spread the word to the writers and grammarians in your circle. You’ll hear more about this transition in September.

In solidarity,

Jen Stevens Editor-in-Chief

Photo: Former Options publisher Kyle McKendall and Jen finalize production of the April 2014 issue in the Options office on Broadway in Providence.


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