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Updated: Jun 1, 2021

Nell and Cecily Proudly Rejoin the World Today Nell and Cecily, glad and serene,

Come out from their home, having had the vaccine.

It's time to reopen, so now they emerge,

Their pride and their love in a glorious surge.

But though the reopening makes them delighted,

There still is a creature whose life it has blighted.

Their soft orange cat is alone and forlorn,

Deprived of a lap on this bountiful morn.

(May 2021)

Nell and Cecily's Cat Views the Pandemic

In the past I was sorely bereft

Every day when my humans had left.

But they presently shelter in place,

And their love fills our intimate space

When I settle in Cecily's lap,

Nell caresses my head till I nap.

Though they’d welcome a turnaround soon,

For their cat, the pandemic's a boon!

(March 2021)


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