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Community Archives Coming to Providence Public Library

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Providence Public Library (PPL) has announced the creation of RI LGBTQ+ Community Archives. This project aims to provide a dynamic space to learn about, reflect on, and engage in the histories of RI's LGBTQ+ communities. While individual archival materials exist at a variety of RI institutions, there has been no central place where this important history is easily accessible to the community. RI LGBTQ+ Community Archives will collect and provide access to materials that exhibit the social, cultural, and political history of RI LGBTQ+ people and organizations, as well as materials created by people within the community itself.

Over the past year, PPL has been working with an amazing advisory board to begin this important collecting work. As our first major donation, Options Magazine has provided a complete set of its issues beginning in 1982, telling stories of the people, work, activism, and joy of this community for almost 40 years. Those interested in learning more about the RI LGBTQ+ Community Archives, or accessing the Options Magazine back issues, are encouraged to contact the PPL Curator of Rhode Island Collections at


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