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Commitment and Dating

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

Molly: What does commitment mean to you, and how does that contribute to love and dating?

Samatha: Building a commitment is like creating a home. You need the base for a house and bricks to build trust. Both people must be there for each other consistently, which creates friendship. When you fi a moment where you catch feelings, you realize you are riding a current and you hope that person is riding the current with you. You must ask yourself, “What makes me think I can trust this person with my heart?” Also, one should be aware that everyone has flaws, and people should be open about those flaws.

Molly: Tell me about dating from a youth perspective.

Samantha: Dating is what you want, not what you need. Social media are a big part of dating. But youth in this generation seem to be in long term relationships.Youth seem tired of heartbreak because we have seen so much around us with our friends and family, online, and in person.


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