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Circle of Pride Recognizes LGBTQ Elders Day

Circle of Pride is part of the Village Common of Rhode Island, a community organization of members and volunteers working together to enhance the experience of growing older for LGBT Elders in Rhode Island.

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The elder members of the LGBTQIA community in Rhode Island spent decades building the foundation for the rights we enjoy today. They marched in the first Gay Pride Parades, some wearing paper bags on their heads for fear of losing their jobs or being ostracized from their families and friends. 

Each year, May 16 is set aside as LGBTQ Elders Day to recognize the sacrifices they made as well as the successes they’ve achieved to create a more accepting world that benefits everyone. 

Our LGBT elders have come a long way, baby, and the challenges affecting them have changed. Now, our older community members – those who paved the way for our freedoms - need support with the same issues affecting anyone who is aging. 

That’s where the Circle of Pride steps in. Volunteers – like you – are recruited to provide assistance to older adults who identify as part of our rainbow spectrum. 

“One of the biggest concerns for our older adults is isolation,” says Caroline Dillon, Executive Director of The Village Common of Rhode Island. “Besides helping with daily activities, Circle of Pride provides regular social interactions for older adults who may not have extended families or circles of friends.” 

Examples of activities include: 

  • Providing rides to appointments

  • Running errands

  • Household chores and light maintenance

  • Providing technology support for TVs, phones and computers

Members are eligible for a wide range of support services offered through a corps of community-based volunteers. They pay a monthly fee on a graduated dues schedule based on what is affordable for each individual. 

Individuals interested in volunteering with Circle of Pride can email

About the Village Common of Rhode Island

The Village Common of Rhode Island (TVC) is a non-profit, volunteer-driven membership organization that aims to support older adults who wish to age in their home via a network of local villages - communities of mutual support - in Rhode Island. Villages locations include Barrington, Burrillville, Edgewood, Glocester, Providence and Westerly, with more on the way. 


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