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As Options Turns 40, Help Us Continue To Share Our Community's Story

What a rich tapestry we make when we come together for a common cause. In May, Options will turn 40. Forty years of newsletters, resources, and events. Look around. Who flavors your life? Whose music do you listen to? Who do you admire? Who are the authors you read? Where do you go when looking for resources? Who are the leaders who speak your truth? These are the colors of the rainbow that tint our lives and these are the colors that have splashed across Options pages for four decades.

The last two years have felt like a traumatic never-ending winter that blanketed our world. Yet, just as winter turns into spring, Options – and our community – is stepping back out into the world. We have brought on a new editor and a new advertising manager. We are preparing new ways to tell our stories while still staying true to our tried and true work. We are ready to tell the next chapter, as we prepare to launch a 40th Anniversary print edition just in time for Pride season.

To keep up the momentum, we need your help.

A $40.00 or more Birthday contribution will help us manage a palpable financial need. We are using up all the change we found in the couch cushions.

Now, what about you? At Options, we welcome you to participate in this important year of our growth and success. What skills or interests do you have that can help us report Rhode Island’s LGBTQ+ stories? We invite you to come. Bring your hearts. Bring your minds. Bring your wallets. For where would Options be without you? In the poorhouse financially, energetically, and intellectually. The gift we really want for our birthday this year is you. Join us at

With wishes for peace,

Bradford Greer

for the Options Board of Directors


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