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Are you out of Options? Your support today will determine that

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Have you noticed fewer copies of Options Magazine around lately? Were you surprised to receive this copy in the mail, or to find an issue at your local establishment? It’s no secret that your community magazine is struggling to stay in print.

During this time of giving, we’ve trusted that by investing in more copies and delivering this issue to our full mailing list and distribution sites, you will respond in generosity to keep this trusted resource, that your local LGBTQ+ community has depended on for 37 years, in print.

Give today to keep the presses running.

Options proudly brings together and supports the work of community organizations like Youth Pride, Inc., RI Pride, SAGE-RI, TGI Network, AIDS Project RI, AIDS Care Ocean State, and others by providing space to share their news with you. Our team works hard researching events, updating resource listings, and working with writers to get facts straight (even if nothing else is!).

Our team cannot continue to publish at this pace without your financial support. Your response to this letter will greatly impact the crucial decisions we will make in the coming months to determine how this valued institution will survive. Today, we can’t offer you a ticket to a ball, auction items to bid on, or a live performance. Instead, we offer you these pages, and within them, a lifeline to community. Donate today, knowing that your gift directly provides this lifeline.

Do you remember the first time you opened Options Magazine? Did you feel a sense of pride in your community, or discover an interesting resource, event, or perspective? Your gift today extends a hand to those who are questioning, fearing invisibility, recently out, or new to town, and engages them with our vibrant and diverse community.

Our small organization has sought and received community guidance to one basic question: Should we continue, and if so, how? Resoundingly, you want Options to stay, and if possible to remain in print. So, we’ve brought on talented new team members, and we have a fundraising plan that includes a more aggressive approach to grant applications and advertising outreach. We are meeting those goals by working ever harder. However, our plan relies on donors like you giving us a strong start in 2020. Please use the conveniently provided envelope, and make your gift today.

As we come to the end of 2019, we reflect on the year past. Here are a few things we as a board are grateful for:

Our loyal advertisers, readers, and donors. Without you, Options could not thrive. This issue is dedicated to a happier, healthier you in 2020, and the RI Department of Health has sponsored this issue to help make this happen.

A volunteer team that is second to none. From board members to our editorial staff, writers, photographers, distributors…the list could go on. We are grateful for your continued presence in the life of Options Magazine and look forward to great things in the new year.


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