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From the Editor-in-Chief

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

As I write this, I realize that one year ago today I was packing my bags for a family trip to Spain. I was three months pregnant and starting to joke that this was the last such trip I’d be taking for a decade. It had been years since I’d spent more than a long weekend away from work, and I was feeling it. I could hardly wait to get away.

Getaways got their name for a reason; they’re an escape from everyday realities – job stress, chores, and the same old people and scenery that all can seem to drain our energy. Day trips, excursions, vacations, long weekends – whatever your preferred getaway – I think the goal is the same: have some stimulating experiences, make some good memories, and replenish your life force. With March coming in like a lion and leaving like a lamb, we thought this issue should push you to do just that.

Jen and family at Aquarium Barcelona, March 2018

We’re not encouraging you to board a flight, which will be appreciated by the environmentally conscious, frugal, and phobic among us. Luckily, there are fabulously gay-friendly experiences to enjoy and sights to behold in the region (p. 14). Provincetown, Ogunquit, and Fire Island are featured in a piece by Options intern Charlotte Abotsi, whose research has culminated in some beauty-filled, tasty, and adventurous suggestions for a day trip or overnight jaunt.

With all the nightclubs and restaurants that Providence has to offer, it’s easy for us mainlanders to overlook Aquidneck Island. Learn how our friends at NewportOUT are working to make the LGBTQ community more visible in the city they love (p. 12). Newport’s second annual Pride Weekend will be celebrated end of May/early June. See the Calendar for details (p. 9). The Youth Pride kids sure look like they’re having a blast, partnering with the Sierra Club. See photos and read about their nature-based expeditions as part of their new Inspiring Connections Outdoors initiative (p. 20). After more than 30 years, this year’s AIDS Run/Walk for Life is an excursion with a renewed purpose, as our local HIV/AIDS organizations face devastating state budget cuts. Join a fundraising team and be prepared to dust off your sneakers June 1 (p. 22).

Options has cut way back on the printed copies it mails to homes, and as we work to bring our website up to 2019 news outlet standards, we’re encouraging people to visit our website for current and past stories. In case you missed it, Ethan Huckel of the TGI Network offered a story about barriers and challenges to traveling while trans in our August 2018 edition (p. 25). This and other editions can be found at

Happy trails!

Jen Stevens

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