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The Center for Sexual Pleasure & Health: Education, pleasure, health, advocacy. Tues. — Sat.  12 — 6 and by appointment. 250 Main Street, Unit 1, Pawtucket. 489-5513.

Fenway Community Center LGBT Helpline: Support, information and referrals. Fenway Community Health Center, Boston. Open daily 6-11pm. (617) 267-9001 or 888-340-452

Local resources nationwide provided by GLBT National Help Center:

Social services agency hotline: 888-843-4564.

Newport Out: LGBT website for Newport.

RILGBT-News: Low-volume email distribution list for LGBT & AIDS news from RI. Not a discussion list. To subscribe:

South Coast LGBTQ Network: Information & advocacy network for individuals of all ages.  774-371-0711.

United Way of RI Referral Line: 2-1-1 on your telephone.








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