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Latest News

Retracted story: The Equality Act's Impact on Trans Athletes

Retracted story: The Equality Act's Impact on Trans Athletes

March 21, 2021

Never has a story evoked more vehemence in all my time at Options, and we must take this opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

"Options Saved My Life"

"Options Saved My Life"

March 11, 2021

I can't tell you how many people during the years I worked at Options, came up to me and told me how Options saved them.

RI’s Gender-Inclusive Restroom Act

RI’s Gender-Inclusive Restroom Act

March 19, 2021

Gender-inclusive restroom signage on single-stall restrooms may be coming soon to Rhode Island. It's currently being held for further study.



March 4, 2021

Though they’d welcome a turnaround soon, For their cat, the pandemic's a boon!


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